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Cyber Due Diligence

Purchase Assets, Not Unknown Risk!

Over the years, our team members have been the people their enterprises tasked with cleaning up the mess created by M&A activity conducted without prior due diligence of the IT Risks which accompanied it.

These experiences taught us just how costly it can be when the proper consideration is not given to possible IT Risks beforehand. Or when a company merely accepts the target's own IT risk assessment.

We have witnessed first-hand a company acquire a target for $150 Million, only to bring in the IT team afterward. After conducting an initial assessment of the IT environment that they had just purchased, they discovered a compromised IT environment that was beyond salvage. The purchasing company was forced to spend over $200 Million, just to shut the acquired network down and mitigate against any further harm to the mother company's IT Infrastructure.

Inclusion of IT Infrastructure and digital assets due diligence along with the other traditional avenues examined before purchasing a company would have without question saved the acquiring company from the headaches which overlooking the importance of IT Due Diligence created.